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Bloomingfields  Farm  is a small family farm in northwestern Connecticut, in Climate Zone 5. Right from the beginning, in 1969, Daylilies were the specialty, but there have always been other farm activities which contribute to the internal economy and long-term sustainability of the farm.

Lee Bristol, a biologist, has always treated the farmland with special concern and respect. The crops have been grown organically since 1980. (About Melvin Lee Bristol).

Among Daylily growers in America, the farm is one of only a handful committed to organic growing methods.

Diana Bristol, an artist, combines her Daylily work with painting and kitchen gardening. She also saves a little time to spin and weave wool from her small flock of sheep.

All five children have worked at the farm with the Daylilies in a variety of ways over the years. Many other young people, too, have worked several hours a week, each helping to grow our fine flowers in tune with the rhythms of the farm.

early summer
Down the field in summertime

wildflowers in early summer
Wildflowers in early summer

Member of the Connecticut Daylily Society, New England Daylily Society and American Hemerocallis Society
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