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Daylilies  are long-living perennial plants, with large flowers and a very wide range of colors. Practically pest-free and tolerant of drought, they require little attention. The Daylily has become America's favorite perennial flower.

Several species   of the genus Hemerocallis grow wild in the temperate regions of Asia, and when these were brought to England and America in the early 1900s, hybridizers began to make improvements in color, flower form, and season of bloom. Today we have Daylilies in all colors (except blue), ranging from ankle height to head height, and blooming from late spring until autumn.

Daylily flowers  are commonly borne at heights of two to three feet. The flowers are lilies, with six segments. Each Daylily flower lasts only one day, but is replaced by another the following day. A mature plant with many flower stalks, or "scapes", will have many flowers open at once and will continue in bloom for several weeks or more.

The roots  vary considerably from one Daylily variety to another. Some are long and slender, others enlarged and tuber-like. There is never any bulb.

Daylily leaves  are grass-like, usually about two feet long. They arise from the short crown below ground in flattened groups called "fans". At Bloomingfields Farm, we propagate Daylilies by planting single-fan plants. Plants for sale are strong divisions with heavy, substantial roots. Our Daylily plants all have three fans of foliage — sometimes more — and are of blooming size.

The tallest known daylily Autumn Minaret is 6 feet tall

Planting and care
of Daylilies is very easy.
Helpful suggestions.

A few rows of new Daylilies
planted recently at the farm.
They will be grown
here for 2-3 years.
new planting

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